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The growth of hi-tech companies in Venice has created controversy and frustration in a historically African-American neighborhood of Venice.

Some long-time residents of Oakwood are angry about the gentrification of their neighborhood, the construction of huge modern homes in traditional neighborhoods, and the loss of affordable housing. Reporter Cara Santa Maria talks with realtors, home hunters and local residents about the dramatic changes happening in Venice.

This is the Venice most of us know. The beach, the boardwalk, interesting characters. But there are lesser-known parts of Venice--older, quieter neighborhoods, like Oakwood. Laddie Williams’s grandfather bought this bungalow way back in 1905. She’s well known around Oakwood, so it’s not uncommon for residents to stop and vent about their concerns for the neighborhood.  More

Fmr Venice Chamber Prez Carl Lambert Sued By City Attorney For Illegal Evictions

Los Angeles City attorneys filed a lawsuit against property owner Carl Lambert, alleging he refused to comply with orders telling him to stop operating Venice Suites, a 32-unit apartment building at 417 Ocean Front Walk, as a hotel and advertising it as one on the Internet.  More


Sign The Petition to Regulate Short Tem Rentals in Venice and Keep Our Neighborhoods First!

The illegal practice of short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods has become a problem throughout our City. It has reached crisis proportions in popular destination neighborhoods like Venice Beach and Silver Lake.

Non-enforcement of zoning codes has fostered a cottage industry of developers, property managers and speculators that illegally convert entire apartments, multi-unit properties and homes in residential neighborhoods into de facto hotels. Residential housing stock, including rent-controlled units, is disappearing at an alarming rate. Long-term residents are no longer able to find homes.



Acclaimed land use attorney, Sabrina Venskus, explains in detail the “Save Venice”  lawsuit to community members and media on a walking tour through Venice highlighting, not gardens, but over-sized construction that has relied on Los Angeles Planning Department’s illegal development approval procedures.  More


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